Amble and District
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1934 Kelly's Directory for Amble and District (commercial)


Early Closing Day Wednesday.

Adamson Albt. hosier, 14 Queen St.

Aisbitt Thos. butcher, 78 Queen St.

Aitchison Frances (Miss), draper, 49 Queen St.

Aitchison Jane, (Mrs), shopkpr, Albert St.

Aitchison Margt, (Miss), fried fish dlr, 11 Church St.

Akeroyd & Hogg, drapers. 68 Queen St.

Amble Club Limited, (James L McAndrew, sec).

Amble Co-Operative Society Ltd, head office, 93 Queen St, branches, Queen St, Newburgh St, Leazes St, Bede St, & Albert St.

Amble Coquetdale Bakery Ltd, (T. Lawther, sec). bakers, Queen St.

Amble District Committee of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, (Miss Margaret Gray. President, John Winter,  correspondent).

Amble and District Garage (R. Knox & Sons, proprs). Bridge St,

Amble & District Operatic Society (Thos. H. Turner, hon. sec.) Quayside.

Amble Engineering Co, Ltd, (Thos. H. Turner, sec), Quayside.

Amble Golf Club (J. Bastin, hon. sec)

Amble Mechanics' Institute Ltd. (Alex. Badman, hon. sec).

Amble Nursing Association (Jas. Earnshaw, chairman, D. D. Kennedy, treas, Mrs. Morrison, sec).

Amble Picture Hall Co. Ltd, Coquet Hall.

Amble Public Circulating Library (Jn. Winter, Librarian). 57 Queen St.

Amble Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. ship bldrs.

Amble Urban District Council . (C. J. S. Goodger, clerk). Council Officers.

Amble Urban District Coucil. Electricity Dept. ( C. J. S. Goodger, clerk, James Henderson, Engineer.) Council Offices.

Amble & Warkworth Gas Light & Coke Co. Ltd. (Thos. H. Turner, sec).

Anderson Annie (Mrs), draper, 27 Leazes St.

Angus Jas. Watch Maker 2 Church St.

Archbold Jn. insur, agt. 31 Gordon St.

Archbold Mary Annie (Mrs), hairdresser. 76 Queen St.

Archer Jsph. Ernest, solctr, & commissioner for oath's (firm, Dickson, Archer & Thorp)

Arnott Alice (Miss), china dlr. 24 Albert St.

Bainbridge Geo, draper, 42 Queen St.

Ballantyne James & Son, house furnishers, cabinet makers, upholsterers, funeral directors,
glass & china merchants, auctioneers & valuers, Queen St & Church St. Established over a quarter of a century. T A Ballantyne, Furnishers, Amble

Barsted Jn, Wake, confctnr. 91 Queen St.

Bartlam Minnie (Mrs), milliner, Church St.

Basson Fredk, Collier, insur, agt. 9 Eastgarth av.

Beauchamp Douglas, motor car proprietor (cars for hire) & market gardener, North View

Besford Thos. Waterloo P. H. Queen St.

Boaden Ernest Archbld, fishmngr. 50 Queen St.

Broomhill Collieries ltd, colliery proprietors (shipping office) & brick, tile & fire brick manufrs.

Brown R. & G. (Amble) Ltd, builders, joiners & general contractors for building operations.

Brown Benj, pilot, 8 Links estate.

Burgess Jn. wallpaper mer, High St.

Burton John, boot & shoe dealer, 67 & 69 Queen St.

Burton William, architect, surveyor & sanitary inspector to the urban District Council & manager of Water Works, Council Offices.

Carse & Goodger, solicitors & commissioners for oaths.

Carse Robert & Son Ltd, ecclesiastical builders contractors, builders, joiners and plasters (& at Morpeth)

Cavers Jane W. (Miss), draper, 23 Queen St.

Cemeteries (C. J. S. Goodger, clerk to the joint committee, J. T. Embleton, supt).

Central Hall Theatre (Thos, Gibson mngr).

Chamber's Drug Store, (Rt. Purvis, propr), 16 Queen St.

Chapman Geo, painter & decrtr, 8 Leazes St.

Chapman Thos, S. ships store mer, Leazes St.

Chrisp Geo, Brown, painter and decrtr, High St.

Coastguard Station (T. J. Metcalfe, station officer).

Costella Joseph, confectioner, 10 & 63 Queen St.

Coulson Edwd, greengro, 7 Queen St.

Coulson Edwd, ships store mer, Quayside.

Craiggs Hy, fried fish dlr, 36 Albert St.

Craigs & Hogg, solicitors, 2 Cross St.

Craigs William M. A. solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 2 Cross St.

Darling Norman, dentist, Dilston ter.

Davis Saml, G. dairyman, 49 Queen St.

Davis Jane (Mrs), confctnr, 6 Church St.

Dickson Archer & Thorp, solctrs, & commissioners of oaths.

Dock Hotel (David W. Kydd), Queen St.

Dooley Ann (Mrs), confctnr. 32 Albert St.

Douglas Jn, farmer, Link House.

Dunn Jn, florist, 56 High St.

Dunn Susan, (Miss), fruitr, 35 Queen St.

Dunn Suzanne (Miss), milliner, 71 Queen St.

Dunnet Alex, dairyman, 2 Leazes St.

Earnshaw James, J. P. Clerk to the Warkworth Harbour commissioners, vice-consul for Norway, agent to the shipping federation & shipwrecked mariners society (Amble branch) & Lloyds agent.

Elliott Hannah J, shopkeeper, 33 Albert St.

Elliott Jack, insur agt, Central Av.

Ellis F. E. (Mrs), omnibus agt, 51 Church St.

Embleton William J. H. ironmonger, 35 Queen St.

Fletcher W. R. Ltd, butchers, 54 High St.

Forster A. customs preventive officer.

Forsyth John, farmer, Hope House Freemasons (Lord Warkworth Lodge) (Saml, Turner, hon treas), Gloster ter.

Gibson M. & C. fruiters, Bridge St.

Goodger Charles John S, solicitors & commissioner for oaths, clerk to Urban District Council & clerk to Hauxley Parish Council.

Green Alfd, Ernest, A. R. S. I. plumber, High St.

Greenwell Wm, E. grocer, Queen St.

Grey Jn, insur, agt, 45 George St.

Hagon Saml, A. Boot Dealer, Bridge St.

Hall Ellen, (Mrs), shopkpr, 18 High St.

Hall Jn, Rt, boot dealer, 5 Church St.

Hankin Eliz, (Mrs), ladies' hairdrssr, 18 Eastgarth Av.

Harrison J, & J, boat bldrs.

Hogg, Hy, confctnr, 12 Leazes St.

Hogg, Robert James, solicitor, 2 Cross St.

Holland Jas, shopkpr, Marine Rd, Independent Order of Rechabites, (Jas Ord, sec), 1 Acklington rd.

Jackson Wm, R, staith master.

Jones Edwd, confctnr, 15 Queen St.

Jordan Robert, carter, Gloster ter.

Kay Fras, (Mrs), confctnr, Wellwood St.

Kennedy David,  D.,  J. P.,  K.O.D.,  manager of Martins Bank Ltd, & vice-consul for Sweden & Denmark, 13 Queen St.

Langston Thos, tailor, 3 Leazes St.

Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, (J, Wyatt, supt,) 32 Acklington Rd.

Longstaff G, & Sons, omnibus proprs, (booking Office), Bridge St.

Longhridge James Anderson, M. B. Ch, B. Edin, surgeon, High St.

Lundgren Nora  (Miss),  ladies hairdrssr, Albert St.

Lyall J, H, & Sons, slaters & plasterers, 52 Church St.

Macdonald Isabella (Mrs) shopkpr, Marine Rd.

McInnes Robert Green, stationer, 58 Queen St.

McManus Owen, fried fish dlr, Queen St.

McNabb Laurence Vincent,  M. B. B. S. Durh, physcn, & surgn, surgery, Queen St.

Macphail Jn, Alex, dentist, 4 Wellwood St.

Martins Bank Ltd, (David D. Kennedy, J. P. mangr), (open 10 a.m. to 3 pm, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wed. & 9 a.m. to 12 noon Sat), 13 Queen St.

Matthews Eleanor (Miss), shopkpr, & sub-postmistress, Newburgh St.

Meadow Dairy Co. Ltd, provsn. dlrs, Queen St.

Mid & North Northumberland Master Builders' & Allied Trades Association ( Thos. H. Turner, sec.) Quayside.

Midland Bank Ltd, (branch), 73 Queen St. (Chas, W. Scholey mngr), (open daily 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. except Wed. 10 p.m. to 1 p.m. Sat, 9 a.m. to 12 noon).

Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange (Jn, Winter, mngr.) 57 Queen St.

Mitchinson Mary (Miss), district nurse, 26 Newburgh St.

Moodie Capt, Jas. harbour master.

Mossman Albert, Masons Arms P. H. Albert St.

Murray Henry, pilot, Blackwood St.

Murrie David & Sons, drapers, 24 to 48 Queen St.

Nickalls Horatio, shopkpr, Leazes St.

Pallister's, tailors, 34 Queen St.

Pearson Jsph, Harbour Inn, Leazes St.

Penrose & Sons, musical instrument dlrs, 85 Queen St.

Penrose G & Sons, confctnrs, Coquet St.

Pickard Annie (Miss), ladies' hairdrssr, 13 Woodbine St.

Pickard James Richard, blacksmith, Woodbine St.

Police Station (Inspector Wm, Appleby), Queen St.

Redman Louis, boot mkr, 89 Queen St.

Richardson Sarah (Mrs), confctnr, High St.

Richard Thos, T. J. Insur, agt, Links estate.

Ringtons Ltd, Tea Merchants, High street, Amble. Head Office, Algernon road, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Rogers Wltr, watch mkr, 3 Byron St.

Roland Rd, Chas, butcher, Queen St, & Leazes St.

Ross E. C. &Son, confctnrs, Bridge St.

Rowell Geo, plumber, 75 Queen St.

Sample Wm, & Sons, bicycle agts, Queen St.

Sample Walter S, plumber, 28 Wellwood St.

Sanderson Jn, harbour engnr, Ivy ho. Shipping Federation Ltd. (Amble branch).

Shipwrecked Fisherman & Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society, hon. representatives, J. Earnshaw J. P. Warkworth Harbour Commissioners; Rev, W. H. Anning, The Vicarage, Warkworth.

Short Edwd.  L., M. P. S. Chemist, Wellwood St.

Smailes Geo, hairdrssr, 28 Queen St.

Smith Geo, farmer, Hauxley Moor Farm.

Smith Jn. H.  boot dlr. 31 Queen St.

Smith Myra  (Mrs), shopkpr, 31 Henderson Road.

Station Hotel (Jn, S. Dennison, Mngr.)

Stephenson Jn, Reay, rating officer & collector, Council Offices, Dilston Ter.

Stokoe Wm, teacher of music, Gordon ho, Gordon St.

Taylor Rt. draper, 5 Queen St.

Thompson Bros, grocers, Albert St

Thompson Capt. Jas. assistant harbour master.

Thompson Nancy Miss, confctnr, 53 Church St.

Thompson Wm, shopkpr, 5 Wellwood St.

Thorp Collingwood Forster, solctr. & commissioner for Oaths (firm Dickson, Archer & Thorp).

Thorp Thos. Alder, solctr, & commissioner for Oaths (firm Dickson, Archer & Thorp)

Tuck Rt, Edwd, shopkpr, 9 Percy St.

Turnbull Jn, farmer, Link End Farm.

Usher Chas, W., M. P. S. chemist, 61 Queen St.

Vause Albt, H. Wellwood Arms Inn, High St.

Wade Thos, (exors of) cycle agts, Queen St.

Whittle J. P. & Sons, monumental masons, 20 Lindisfarne Rd, & Percy St, near Station.

Willson Walter Ltd, grocers (branch) 4 Queen St.

Winter John, auctioneer & valuer, estate agent & shipping agent, & house furnisher, Amble printing works, 57 Queen St.

Wren Ethel (Miss), draper, 79 Queen St.

Young N. & F. painters & house decrts. Church St.

Young Jacob, Blue Bell P. H.  30 Albert St.

Young Jn, Geo, Schooner inn.

Young Norman, registered electrical contractor, 7 Aidan Road.

Young R. W.  mineral water manufacturer, & agents for bottled beers, Wynd.



Beverley Mary (Mrs), shoppkr, Radcliffe.

Broomhill Collieries Ltd, (Thos. A. Scott, mngr).

Brown & Stewart, fisherman.

Buttle Edwd, shopkpr, Radcliffe.

Craiggs Wm, & Sons, motor car proprs, Radcliffe.

Craiggs Hy, dairyman.

Craiggs Jn, Wm, grocer, Radcliffe.

Dand Ralph A. farmer & landowner, Hauxley Cott.

Douglas Geo, farmer, Bondicar.

Douglas Joseph, cowkeeper.

Handyside Geo, fisherman.

Hopper Robert, farmer.

Longstaff Geo & Sons, motor omnibus proprs, Radcliffe.

Longstaff Jn, cab propr, Radcliffe.

Loughridge Jas, Anderson, M. B.  Ch. B. Edin,  physcn, & surgn. (attends daily 2.30-3pm.), Radcliffe.

Nicholson Isabella (Mrs), shopkpr.

Norfolk Wltr, Radcliffe Arms, P. H.

Nyberg Charles Bartal, grocer, confectioner & sub-postmaster, Derwent ho, Radcliffe.

Oliver A, & Sons, fisherman.

Oliver Andrew, coxswain of lifeboat, Amble.

Radcliffe Colliery Workmen's Institute (Jn, W. Griffiths, sec).

Radcliffe Equitable Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd, Amble.

Radcliffe Working Mens' Club Ltd, (Jn, Grey, sec).

Reading Room, (Thos Brown, sec).

Robson Ivy (Miss), district nurse, Radcliffe.

Royal National Life Boat Institution (Rev. Walt. B. Hall M. A. L.Th. hon sec).

Stewart Jn, fisherman, see Brown & Stewart.

Taylor H, & Son, fisherman.

Taylor Rd, & Son, fisherman.



English Ridley, frmr, Dean House Farm.

Forsyth Andrew, farmer, Togston East Farm.

Forsyth Jas, farmer, Low Hall.

Forsyth Rice, farmer, Togston barns.

Frater Hy, farmer, New Hall.

Robson J, clerk to Parish Council.

Robson Wm, farmer, Cliff House.

Smith George, farmer, Togston Farm.



Forsyth Jacob D. farmer



Amble Co-operative Society Ltd.

Bryson Wm, joiner.

Church Hill House Private Hotel (Mrs. L. G. Ridley, proprietress)

Dixon Alex, cowkeeper.

Dixon Wm Luke, motor garage.

Fairbain Jn, dairyman, Arble Road.

Forsyth Peter, farmer, Old Barns.

Francis Jn, boarding ho, Iona.

Golf Club (George Thompson sec).

Grange Private Hotel (Mrs W, Dickson, proprietress).

Green J. G. & Sons Limited, builders & quarry owners.

Headly May, (Mrs). confectar, Castle Street.

Henderson Rt, refreshment rms.

Hermitage Hotel, (J. G. Ratcliffe Ltd).

Jeffery James, market gardener

Kane Mary, (Mrs). farmer.

Kennedy Rt, market gardener.

Leishman Janet (Miss). district nurse.

Lumley Jsph, farmer, Walkworth.

McNabb Laurence Vincent, M. B. B. S. Durh. physcn, & surgn, medical officer & public vaccinator for the Warkworth division. Coquet House.

Martins Bank Ltd, (sub branch to Amble) (David D. Kennedy, mngr).

Manghan Thos, confctnr, 4 Bridge St.

Medne Jn, confctnr.

Miller John, farmer, New Barns.

Miller Rt, carter.

Moore Rt, & Son quarry owners.

Pearson Wm, shopkpr.

Pringle Leslie, newsagnt.

Public Hall, (W. Taylor, sec).

Robinson George & Thomas, builders & contractors.

Sample J, builders & contractor, Woodlands.

Sinclair Jas, Fredk, cowkeeper.

Smtham Geo, Shotton, relieving officer & registrar of births & deaths Walk worth Division, Elm gro.

Steel John, painter.

Suddes M. & S. shopkprs.

Sun Hotel (Jn. Lennox).

Tate John Ridley, butcher.

Talor R. T.  draper.

Ternent Jn, dairy Farmer. Morwick gte.

Thompson G, & Sons, grocers.

Thompson Arthur, house agent & lessee of the Warkworth Salmon Fishery.

Thompson Jn, thrashing machine owner, Ashleigh.

Thompson Wm, blacksmith.

Todd Wm, S. statnr. & sub-postmaster.

Tulley Thomas, Black Bull, P. H.

Turnbull L. T. haulage contractors & live stock carriers, Mill Bank.

Turnbull Lancelot, cowkeeper.

Warkworth Floral & Horticultural Society. (Jn Darling, sec).

Weddell Matthew, clerk to the parish Council & insur. agt.

Wood Chas, farmer.

Young S. A. (Mrs), Masons Arms Hotel.