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This will be the old Salt Pans at the bottom of the Wynd.
As described by McAndrews

Amble Inns, Public Houses and Drinking Establishments of the 19th Century.

Modern image of building
 or present site.
Date built/operating
Notes / Description.
Cottage at the top of the Wynd. McAndrews records this as Amble's very first drinking establishment. The cottage owner held a victualler's licence in 1811 when it changed hands, so its history as a 'retail beer house' N pre-dates this. McAndrews also notes this cottage as having a secret cellar, which became known when it sold in 1811 to the Richardson family, suggesting a strong likelihood of it being a hiding place for smuggled goods. 
Queen's Head
Closure of the above saw the Queen's Head established as a the only village inn, just around the corner from the Wynd cottage in High Street. John Shanks was the innkeeper according to McAndrews and the inn was still marked on the 1860 Ordnance survey, he also notes that the Queen's Head is 'now the property occupied by Mr J.T. Melrose, Butcher', which on the 1891 census is given as 25 High Street.
Gardeners' Arms
Built in High Street opposite the Queen's Head by James Innes.  McAndrews (1910) records this as "the oldest public house in the town"  The 1891 Census gives the address of the Gardeners' Arms as 28 High Street, and in the care of Francis Holliday (widow) aged 36, licensed victualler.
Waterloo Hotel
1837- present
The  south west quarter of Queen Street was build by the harbour contractors as part of the planned development of the town in 1837. This block contained the Waterloo Hotel. Named 'The Waterloo' in honour of  Troop Sergeant Major William Perrie, father of the first publican (also called William Perrie) who served  in the 2nd Dragoons at the Battle of Waterloo.
Dock Hotel
1840s?- present
Built according to McAndrews during the construction of the "Berwick-Newcastle Railway", ie the late 1840s, The Amble branch mineral line was also laid down in this period.
Radcliffe Arms
mid 19th century
Part of 'Walker's Buildings' in the census returns, located to the north side of Queen Street near the High Street junction. These buildings and 'Walker's Yard' connected with 'North View' which now terminates near the Dock Hotel. Footprint of the Radcliffe Arms (from comparison of the Ordnance Survey maps) probably lies within what is now the car park of the Co-op supermarket, or very close to it.
Masons Arms
mid 19th century - present
Built at the corner of what was then Blue Bell Row and Broomhill Road, now Albert Street and Woodbine Street.
Blue Bell Inn
mid 19th century - present
Built in what was previously Blue Bell Row, now Albert Street. In his book "Warkworth Harbour" Eric Simonsen notes that the original building was gutted by fire in August 1901, being rebuilt by R&G Brown, which explains why this is red brick rather than sandstone.
Fox and Hounds
mid 19th century
Built on the Wynd opposite the gas works. 1860 Map location coincides with the white painted private residence shown, which we assume is the original building.
Ship Inn
mid 19th century
Built in the 'Sea Lonnen' (now Church Street) present position would be within the current terrace of houses adjacent to St Cuthbert's Church and we believe the Ship Inn corresponds to the building with the lowest roofline. McAndrews notes in 1905 that 'the old inn is now the residence of Mr Joseph Thompson' - Joseph Thompson, Cab proprietor is shown on the 1901 census at 51 Church Street. The earlier census returns suggest out of use as a public house from 1871, and in that return it is referred to as the 'Ship Inn Buildings'
Harbour Inn
pre-1860- present
Built in the area known in the mid 19th century simply as 'Amble Harbour', now Leazes Street.
Wellwood Arms
mid 19th century -2009
High Street and Albert Street. Previously Togston Square. Previously a farmhouse.
Togston Arms
mid 19th century
Built at what was then the end of the south side Queen Street (now Queen Street / Cross Street corner). Became McInnes stationary shop in the latter part of the 19th century. 
Schooner Inn
????- present
Lime Street.
Railway Hotel
1848 -
Built next to the Blue Bell Inn in Albert Street. This is now the South end of the Cliffwell Service Station.
No trace of the Railway Hotel remains.

[The following extract is from the "The Newcastle Courant", Friday, September 22, 1848]

"To be let by Proposal, and entered on the 11th Day of October next, All the convenient and newly built HOTEL situate at Amble, in the county of Northumberland, called "The Railway Hotel" containing large room, with sliding partition, Two Bed Rooms, Bar, Parlour, Tap Room, Kitchen and Cellar; together with Yard, Stable, and other Conveniences.
The House is situate on the Thoroughfare leading from the Town Street of Amble to Radcliffe Colliery, Hauxley, Togston, Broomhill Colliery, and Widdrington, and with a short distance of the branch Line of Railway running from the trunk of York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway to the rapidly increasing and flourishing town of Amble. The above hotel will be let with or without a brewery, which may be built to suit the wishes of the tenant, and to meet demands of the place. For further particulars, apply at the offices of Mr. Wm. Forster Solicitor, Alnwick, where the proposals will be received until the 30th inst.
ALSO TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, a quantity of ground, as building sites, adjoining the above Hotel. For particulars, apply at the above offices, where a plan of the sites and elevations may be seen.  Alnwick, Sept. 15, 1848"

  Prince Albert
mid 1850s
Managed by Ralph Graham 1855. Location uncertain, possibly in Bluebell Row (now Albert Street)
Steamboat Inn  Steamboat Inn
mid 19th century >1911
21 Leazes Street. Managed by John Burton in 1901 who was also a "Mineral Water Manufacturer". Building is now part of the Harbour Inn.
Station Hotel
 abt. 1880-1990s
Built primarily as a hotel in response to the opening of the Amble branch railway line to passenger traffic in 1879


 Publicans, Innkeepers and Victuallers from the Amble census returns

Name Notes Premises if mentioned,  Italics if deduced from other sources


John Shanks

 Publican, aged 45

Queen's Head

George Clark

 Publican, aged 40

Gardener's Arms

William Perrie

 Publican, aged 35 (also living here are William Perrie aged 65 and Ann Perrie aged 66, parents of William Perrie, Publican. Perrie Snr. is shown as 'half pay' i.e. ex army.)

Waterloo Hotel

Thomas Douglas  Joiner and Innkeeper, aged 29, wife Elizabeth  
Thomas Walker Innkeeper, aged 62, wife Jane Walker  
Thomas Carse Carrier and Innkeeper,  age 59, wife Ann.  
Christopher Charlton Innkeeper, age 48, wife Hannah  
Christopher Robson  Innkeeper, aged 38, wife Mary  
Alexander Turner Cartman and Innkeeper, aged 39, wife Eleanor  
John Turner Joiner and Innkeeper, aged 40, wife Elizabeth  
Charles Maxwell Mason and Innkeeper, Queen Street, aged 24 wife Magdalene  
Henry Dobson Coal Miner and Innkeeper, Queen Street?, aged 31, wife Isabella  
George Hall Innkeeper and Ship-owner, Amble Harbour, aged 40, wife Ellen  
John Shanks Innkeeper, Amble Harbour, aged 55, wife Elizabeth  
Thomas Carse  Carter and Innkeeper, Togston Square, age 69, wife Ann.  
Charles Young  Gardener and Innkeeper, Blue Bell Row, aged 45, wife Sarah.  (Gardener only on the 1851 census) (Probably the Masons Arms - see Sarah Young 1871 Census)
Hugh Marshall Shoemaker and Innkeeper, Blue Bell Row, aged 29, wife Ann.  
John Potts Reed Innkeeper, Salt Pans N, aged 53, wife Mary.  
Christopher Robson  Innkeeper, Walker's Cottages, aged 48, wife Mary  
Thomas E. Shade Innkeeper, Newburgh Terrace?, age 41, wife Isabella M.  
Elizabeth Turner Innkeeper, ??, age 49, widow  
William Johnson  Innkeeper, ??, age 58, wife Elizabeth  
William Guthrie  Innkeeper, ??, age 66, wife Ann  
Christopher Charlton  Innkeeper, ??, age 59, wife Hannah  
William Morton Innkeeper, ??, age 56, wife Martha  
Mary Purdy Innkeeper, ??, age 37, married.  
Catherine Hedley Innkeeper, ??, age 41, married.  
Elizabeth Shanks Innkeepers widow, ?? , age 55  
Sarah Young Innkeeper, the Masons Arms, aged 55, widow. Masons Arms
Joseph Thompson Publican, Blue Bell Inn, Blue Bell Row, aged 31, wife Ann. Blue Bell Inn
Alexander Black  Innkeeper, Queen's Head, age 35, wife Mary Queen's Head
Robert Wilson Ag Lab. and Innkeeper, Fox & Hounds, Wynd, age 48, wife Diane. Fox and Hounds
Christopher Charlton  Innkeeper, Wellwood Arms, age 69, wife Hannah Wellwood Arms
Ann Marshall Publican, Waterloo Inn, Queen Street, aged 35, husband William. Waterloo Inn
Elizabeth Turner Innkeeper, Queen Street, age 56, widow. Dock Hotel
  in '69 Directory
William Lillie Innkeeper, Green's Buildings [Queen Street] aged 53, wife Marg. aged 46. Also at this address 'Marg Embleton' aged 25, also 'Innkeeper's wife'  
Elizabeth Shanks Publican's widow, Ship Inn Buildings, age 65
( Inn now out of use?)
Thomas Weir Joiner and Innkeeper, the Schooner Inn, Amble Harbour, aged 49, wife Jane A. Schooner Inn
Thomas Young Innkeeper, the Harbour Inn, Amble Harbour, aged 46, wife Isabella Harbour Inn
Jacob Matthews Innkeeper and tailor, Steam Boat Inn, Amble Harbour, aged 29. (Head of household with brother Robert, Pilot, aged 41, sister in law and nephew at the same premises.) Steam Boat Inn
Sarah Young Innkeeper, Masons Arms, aged 65, widow. Masons Arms
George Patterson Innkeeper, Blue Bell Inn, Albert Street, aged 31, wife Janet W. Blue Bell Inn
Thomas Grey Innkeeper, Gardeners' Arms, High Street, aged 49, wife Mary Gardeners Arms
Robert Wilson  Innkeeper, Fox & Hounds, The Wynd, aged 57, wife Dianah Fox and Hounds
Ellen Lee Innkeeper, Wellwood Arms, High Street, aged 37, widow Wellwood Arms
James Turnbull Innkeeper and Colliery Engineer, Radcliffe Arms, Walkers Buildings, aged 33, wife Isabella A. Radcliffe Arms
James E. Guy Innkeeper, Waterloo Inn, Queen Street, aged 30,  wife Euphemia Waterloo Inn
John T. Brown Boot maker and Innkeeper, Dock Hotel, Queen Street, aged 42, wife Sarah Dock Hotel
Thomas Weir Innkeeper,  Schooner Inn, Amble Harbour, aged 59, widower Schooner Inn
Thomas Lamb Innkeeper, Harbour Inn, Amble Harbour, aged 29, wife Maria Harbour Inn
John Matthews Innkeeper, Steamboat Inn, Amble Harbour, aged 27, wife Sarah Steamboat Inn
Jane G. Dixon Licensed Victualler, Masons Arms, 40 Albert Street, age 21, single Masons Arms
George Patterson Licensed Victualler, Blue Bell Inn, 32 Albert Street, aged 41, wife Janet Willis. Blue Bell Inn
Francis Holiday Licensed Victualler, Gardeners Arms, 28 High Street, aged 36, widow Gardeners Arms
William Mordue Licensed Victualler, The Fox and Hounds, 13 The Wynd, aged 56, wife Jane Fox and Hounds
John Gibson Licensed Victualler & Plumber, Wellwood Arms, aged 42, wife Margaret. Wellwood Arms
David Smart Licensed Victualler, Radcliffe Arms Inn, 14 Walker's Buildings, aged 48, wife Margaret Radcliffe Arms
Taylor Dickinson Licensed Victualler, Waterloo Hotel, 6 Queen Street, aged 53, married Waterloo Hotel
Ellen Straker Innkeeper, Dock Hotel, 27 Queen Street Amble, aged 47, married Dock Hotel
Thomas Smith Licensed Victualler, Railway Hotel, Bridge Street, aged 44 wife Dorothy Railway Hotel
  [= Station Hotel]
John G. Heslop Licensed Victualler, Schooner Inn, 6  Lime Street, aged 40, wife Mary Schooner Inn
John Matthews Licensed Victualler, Steamboat Inn, 21 Leazes Street, aged 37, wife Sarah Steamboat Inn
William J. Armstrong Licensed Victualler, Harbour Inn, 23 Leazes Street, aged 54, wife Jane Harbour Inn
John George Heslop Innkeeper, Masons Arms, Albert Street, aged 50, wife Mary Masons Arms
Robert Bewick Cairns Bar Manager, Blue Bell Inn, Albert Street, aged 57, widower Blue Bell Inn
Abam Richardson Innkeeper, Gardeners Arms, High Street, aged 38, wife Francis. Gardeners Arms
Jane Mordue Innkeeper, 11(?) The Wynd, aged 68, widow Fox and Hounds
Margaret Gibson Publican, Wellwood Arms,  aged 49, widow Wellwood Arms
John W. Strong Innkeeper, 15 Walker's Yard, aged 39, wife Ann Radcliffe Arms
William J. Richardson Innkeeper, Waterloo Hotel, Queen Street, aged 38, wife Lucy Waterloo Hotel
Thomas Burrell Innkeeper, 27 Queen Street Amble, aged 39 wife Mary Dock Hotel
Annie Ingram Station Hotel, Bridge Street, aged 41 widow Station Hotel
Joseph Thompson Innkeeper, Schooner Inn, 6 Lime Street, aged 26, wife Ida Schooner Inn
Robert Ewart Innkeeper, Harbour Inn, 23 Leazes Street, aged 49, wife Margaret aged 46 Harbour Inn
John Burton Innkeeper and Mineral Water Manufacturer,  Steamboat Inn, 21 Leazes Street, aged 35, wife Mary. Steamboat Inn
John George Heslop Innkeeper, Albert Street, aged 60, wife Mary Masons Arms
George Geggie Innkeeper, 30 (?) Albert Street, aged 38, wife Joanna Blue Bell Inn
John Walton Wearmouth Hotel Keeper, Wellwood Arms, aged 53, wife Hannah (J.W. Wearmouth was born in the USA) Wellwood Arms
Margaret Gibson Innkeeper, 28 High Street, aged 59, widow. Gardeners Arms
Thomas Yeaman Innkeeper, 11 The Wynd, aged 40, wife Margaret. Fox and Hounds
George Clark Licensed Victualler, Radcliffe Arms, aged 55, wife Isabella Radcliffe Arms
W.T. Besford Licensed Victualler, 6 Queen Street, aged 55, wife Elizabeth. Waterloo Hotel
Harry Bonner Publican, Dock Hotel, aged 43, wife Hannah Dock Hotel
John Thomas Hutchinson Licensed Victualler, Station Hotel, aged 46 wife Sarah. Station Hotel
 David S. Kydd Licensed Victualler, Schooner Inn, aged 32, wife Jeanie Schooner Inn
Robert Ewart Innkeeper, Harbour Inn, aged 59, wife Mary aged 37 Harbour Inn
Elizabeth Jane Gibson Publican, 21 Leazes Street aged 36, widow. Steamboat Inn

Also see 1934 Kelly's Directory for that year




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