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WW1 Northumberland Fusiliers headstone detail.


Listed here as the names of individuals who gave their lives in the First or Second World War
 but appear to be absent from the district war memorials.

Name Town/Village connection. Conflict Details
Armstrong, William Andrew Broomhill / Warkworth. WW1 20070 Lance Corporal William Andrew Armstrong, 12th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 30th April 1916 aged 33. Son of Ralph and Mary Ann Armstrong, of Broomhill, Amble, Morpeth, Northumberland; husband of Maria Armstrong, of 21, Pelaw Grange Terrace, Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham.  Buried Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt, Somme France. Born Warkworth, enlisted Chester-le-Street Durham.
Bailey, Alfred  (medal) Amble WW1 14595 Corporal Alfred Bailey 2nd Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 6th October 1918. Son of Mr. J. Bailey, of 78, Queen St., Amble, Northumberland. Buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gouy, Aisne, France.
Beverley, George Amble/Warkworth WW1 10764 Private , 6th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment. Killed in Action 9th July 1917. Son of William and Alice Clark, of Amble, Acklington, Northumberland. Buried Brandhoek Military Cemetery, Ypres Belgium. Born Warkworth, enlisted Bedlington.
Black, Isaac West Chevington WW2 7901702 Trooper Isaac Black, attd. H.Q. 2nd Armd. Bde., Royal Armoured Corps. Died 11th June 1942 aged 23. Son of William and Mary Ann Black, of West Chevington, Northumberland. Buried Tobruk War Cemetery, Libya
Brown, Thomas Amble (Hauxley) WW1 15065 Serjeant Thomas Brown, 2nd Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Died of Wounds 4th November 1918 Aged 27 Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Brown; husband of Isabella Brown, of 14, Chapel Square, Hauxley, Amble, Morpeth, Northumberland. Buried Roisel Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme France. Born Accrington Lancashire, enlisted Darlington Durham.
Cairns, Robert Acklington WW1 3208 Private Robert Cairns, 1st/7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Died 6th January 1917 aged 33. Son of John and Esther Cairns. Native of Acklington, Northumberland. Buried Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.
Carr, George Red Row. WW2 2653937 Guardsman George Carr, 2nd Bn. Coldstream Guards. Died 22nd May 1940 aged 29. Son of John and Margaret Carr; husband of Olive Carr, of Red Row, Northumberland. Commemorated Dunkirk Memorial.
Carr, Robert Henry Amble WW2 1591621 Sergeant   Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. 10th January 1947 aged 21. Son of Robert Henry Carr, and of Catherine Carr, of Amble. Buried Amble West Cemetery.
Douglas, John Thomas Amble (Hauxley?) WW1 18/1472 Private John Thomas Douglas, 18th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Died of Wounds 10th September 1916 aged 21. Son of George and Elizabeth Douglas, of Bondicar, Amble, Morpeth, Northumberland. Buried Contalmaison Chateau Cemetery. Born Amble, enlisted Cramlington.
Douglas, Robert Amble / Hauxley WW1 3396 Trooper Robert Douglas, 1st Life Guards. Killed in Action, 19th May 1918 aged 24. Son of Ellen Douglas, of Hauxley Village, Acklington, Northumberland, and the late John Douglas. Buried Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. Born and enlisted Amble.
Edney, James Highfield. Amble WW1 113286 (Dev.) Petty Officer 1st Class James Highfield Edney, H.M.S. "Laurentic" Royal Navy. Died 25th January 1917 aged 52. Son of Henry Edney, of Amble, Northumberland; husband of Henrietta Edney, of Highfield, Four Marks, Alton, Hants. Buried Upper Fahan (St. Mura's) Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Donegal.
Elliott, Thomas Amble WW2 1002912 Sergeant (Air Gnr.) Thomas Elliott, 460 (R.A.A.F.) Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 23rd November 1943 age 32. Son of Richard and Mary Elliott; husband of Doris May Elliott, of Amble, Northumberland. Commemorated Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Kleve, Germany.
Emmerson, H. L. East Chevington WW2 14801838 Trooper H. L. Emmerson, "A" Sqn. Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards) Royal Armoured Corps. Died 26th August 1946 aged 20. Son of Herbert Leslie and Margaret Emmerson, of East Chevington, Northumberland. Commemorated Udine War Cemetery, Italy.
Foster, James William Broomhill WW1 290809 Lance Serjeant James William Foster 1st/7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 19th April 1918 aged 23. Son of William and the late M. J. Foster, of Warkworth Terrace, North Broomhill, Morpeth, Northumberland. Buried Foncquevillers Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. Born Acklington, enlisted Alnwick.
Hately, George Radcliffe? WW1 3524 Private George Hately 1st/7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 14th November 1916 aged 23. Brother of Mrs. J. A. Smith, of 4, Long Row North, Radcliffe, Morpeth, Northumberland.  Buried Warlencourt British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.
Henderson, John Warkworth/Acklington. WW1 10784 Private John Henderson, "C" Coy. 6th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment. Killed in Action, 22nd August 1915 aged 21. Son of Andrew and Elizabeth Henderson, of Bank House Cottages, Acklington, Morpeth, Northumberland. Commemorated Helles Memorial. Gallipoli, Turkey. Born Warkworth, enlisted Alnwick.
Hogg, James Amble/Lesbury? WW1 50137 Private James Hogg, 17th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment). Killed in Action 4th August 1917 aged 22. Son of Robert and Elizabeth Hogg, of 17, King Edward St., Amble, Morpeth.  Buried Ypres Reservoir Cemetery, Belgium. Born Long Witton, Northumberland, enlisted Alnwick, resided Lesbury.
Johnson, Arthur Broomhill WW1 7154 Private Arthur Johnson, "B" Coy. 1st/7th Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment). Killed in Action 17th September 1916 aged 23. Son of Mrs. Ann Masters Johnson, of 41, Hedgehope Terrace, Chevington Drift, Morpeth. Commemorated Thiepval Memorial, Somme France. Born London, enlisted Alnwick.
Johnson, John George Broomhill WW2 3765035 Warrant Officer Class II (C.S.M.) John George Johnson, 1st Bn. Hampshire Regiment. Died 4th October 1944 aged 38. Son of James and Mary Johnson; husband of Jane Johnson, of North Broomhill, Northumberland. Buried Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, Netherlands.
Johnston, Robert James Acklington WW1 116570 Private Robert James Johnston, 210th Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) Died 16th February 1918 aged 19. Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Davison, of East Moor Cottages, Ellington, Ashington, Northumberland. Native of Barnhill, Acklington, Northumberland. Buried Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel. Born and enlisted Alnwick, resided Acklington.
Maughan, Arthur Mosely Amble WW1 7028 Private Arthur Mosely Maughan, 7th Bn. Durham Light Infantry. Died of Wounds 6th October 1916 aged 28. Son of the late George and Mary Maughan, of Amble, Northumberland. Buried St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France. Born Amble, enlisted Cramlington, resided Ashington.
McAndrew, Phillip Amble WW1 23/744 Private Phillip McAndrew 20th (Tyneside Scottish) Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 12th July 1917. Husband of G. McAndrew, of 2, Gibson St., Amble, Northumberland.
Buried Hargicourt British Cemetery, Aisne, France. Born Ballina Co. Mayo, enlisted Amble Northumberland.
McDougal, Peter Amble WW1 267211 Peter McDougal 1st/6th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Died of Wounds 29th October 1917 aged 28. Son of John and Mary McDougal, of 31, Scott St., Amble, Morpeth. Born Embleton, Lesbury, Northumberland. Buried Dozinghem Military Cemetery
Nicholson, Robert Amble/Hauxley WW1 27858 Robert Nicholson 30th (Tyneside Irish) Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Died 24th December 1916 aged Son of Isabella Nicholson, of 21, Hauxley, Amble, and the late William Nicholson. Buried Amble West Cemetery.
Pattison, Robert William Amble WW1 290421 Private Robert William Pattison, 1st/7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 15th September 1916 aged 21. Son of Selby Crawford Pattison; husband of S. Pattison, of 32, Middleton St., Amble Northumberland. Commemorated Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France.
Parker, William Charles Broomhill WW1 45130 Private William Charles Parker, 1st/5th Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Died of Wounds 25th July 1917 aged 32. Son of the late William and Annie Parker, of Dalton Moor, Lessay, Thirsk, Yorks; husband of Margaret Parker, of 9, Hedgehope Terrace, Chevington Drift, Acklington, Northumberland.  Buried Coxyde Military Cemetery, Belgium.
Pickles, Stanley East Chevington WW2 542200 Leading Aircraftman Stanley Pickles, 100 Sqdn. Royal Air Force. Died 4th October 1943 aged 29. Son of William and Mary Ann Pickles; husband of Margaret Hornsby Pickles, of East Chevington, Northumberland. Buried Yokohama War Cemetery, Japan
Robinson, Robert Amble WW2 Steward Robert Robinson, S.S. Eston (London) Merchant Navy. Died 28th January 1940 aged 40. Son of William and Mary Robinson, of Blyth, Northumberland; husband of J. S. Robinson, of Amble, Northumberland. Commemorated Tower Hill Memorial, London.
Scott, William Henry Amble WW2 1486629 Flight Sergeant (Nav.) William Henry Scott, 578 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 13th August 1944 aged 20. Son of Henry T. Scott and Catherine Scott, of Amble, Northumberland. Buried Durnbach War Cemetery, Bad Tolz, Bayern, Germany.
Sharratt, George Amble WW2 3716975Trooper George Sharratt, 107th (5th Bn. The King's Own Royal Regt. [Lancaster]) Regt. Royal Armoured Corps. Died 14th August 1944 aged 24. Son of Edward George and Phoebe Sharratt; husband of Gladys Sharratt, of Amble, Northumberland. Buried Banneville-La-Campagne War Cemetery, Calvados, France.
Simpson, Maurice Thompson Amble WW2 130500 Flight Lieutenant (Air Bomber) Maurice Thompson Simpson, 99 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 21st January 1945 aged 23. Son of John Frederick Simpson, and of Mary Annie Simpson, of Amble, Northumberland. Buried Maynamati War Cemetery, Bangladesh.
Sore, William Henry Warkworth WW2 4387200 Private William Henry Sore, 4th Bn. Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment) Died 25th December 1943 Aged 31 Son of William David and Alice Edith Sore; husband of A. Sore, of Warkworth, Morpeth, Northumberland. Commemorated Column 60. Alamein Memorial, Egypt.
Stewart, John William Amble WW1 7935S John William Stewart, S.S. "Royal Edward." Royal Naval Reserve. Died 13th August 1915 Aged 27.Son of William Salkeld Stewart and Mary Stewart, of 24, Coquet St., Amble, Northumberland. Native of Newcastle-on-Tyne. Commemorated Chatham Naval Memorial
Stewart, Robert Nairn Main Amble WW2 1047393 Leading Aircraftman Robert Nairn Main Stewart, 2890 Sqdn. R.A.F. Regt. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 19th October 1944 aged 23. Son of Mrs. E. Stewart, of Amble; husband of Mary Stewart, of Amble. Buried Amble West Cemetery
Taylor, Henry Amble / Hauxley WW1 202216 Henry Taylor, 1st/4th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 19th April 1917 aged 28.
Son of Robert and Mary Taylor, of Hauxley, Amble, Morpeth, Northumberland. Commemorated Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France. Born Acklington, enlisted Newcastle.
Taylor John Robert Amble / Hauxley WW1 37216 Corporal John Robert Taylor, 21st (Tyneside Scottish) Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 9th April 1917 aged 22. Son of Martha Taylor, of Seaview Cottage, Hauxley, Amble, Morpeth, Commemorated Arras Memorial.
Thompson, George Thomas Acklington / Guyzance WW1 291703 Lance Serjeant George Thomas Thompson, 1st/7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Died 26th October 1917 aged 21. Son of William and Isabella Thompson, of Guynance, [sic] Acklington, Northumberland.  Commemorated Tyne Cot Memorial, Zonnebeke, Belgium. Born Widdrington.
Thompson, Robert Amble WW1 4267206 Serjeant Robert Thompson, 46th Regt. Reconnaissance Corps, R.A.C. Died 2nd March 1943 aged 32. Son of Edward and Isabella Thompson; husband of Maria Thompson, of Amble, Northumberland.
Commemorated Medjez-el-Bab Memorial, Tunisia.
Todd, George. Amble WW1 2939 Private George Todd, 7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 15th September 1916 aged 24. Husband of Elizabeth Todd, of 16, Bridge St., Amble, Northumberland.  Buried Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont, Somme, France.
Tuck, John Joseph Amble WW1 Senior Engineer John Joseph Tuck, H.M.S. "Viknor." Royal Naval Reserve. Died 13th January 1915 aged 39. Son of Capt. E. R. and Mrs. Tuck, of Amble, Northumberland; husband of Winifred Tuck, of 1, Park View, Great Crosby, Liverpool. Commemorated Portsmouth Naval Memorial
Witherington, George William Leonard Warkworth WW2 963350 Corporal George William Leonard Witherington, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.  Died 26th October 1943 Aged 27. Son of George Edward and Florence Margaret Witherington, of Coventry; husband of Ethel Witherington, of Warkworth, Northumberland.  Buried Keresley (St. Thomas) Churchyard Warwickshire UK.



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