Amble and District
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Some Northumberland Brick Manufacturers
All found within the old parishes/chapelries of Warkworth, Shilbottle, Chevington, Acklington.
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Radcliffe Colliery, Amble Brickworks
Radcliffe  (Produced at Amble Brickworks) I've also found broken frogless 'Radcliffe' impressed bricks which will be earlier,
 when I find a complete one it will be added here.
Amble Brickworks
The small remaining fragment of the old Amble Brickworks today (click to enlarge)
The Amble Brickworks on the Quayside (map circa 1900)
T. Blythe & Sons Birtley Station Brick & Tile Works. 1894
T. Blythe & Sons Birtley Station Brick & Tile Wks. 1894. This brick is still in situ in a wall located along the foot path near Straffen Court and the end of Middleton Street in Amble (the track of the old railway) and is the remains of a signal box. (ref. 2nd ed. 1897 ordnance survey) Why bricks from distant Birtley were used in preference to Radcliffe bricks which were being produced less than 500 yards away remains a mystery.
Hobnailed footprint in a brick
Hobnailed footprint in a brick in the same wall ! Obviously impressed into the newly formed
clay of a brick by a Birtley brick maker, probably in 1894.
Ashington Colliery Brickworks
"A C",  Ashington Colliery (or Ashington Coal Company Ltd.?)
NCB Wallsend Brickworks
NCB Wallsend
Broomhill Colliery Brickworks
Broomhill (Broomhill Colliery Brickworks?)
Pegswood Brickworks
NCB Pegswood Brickworks
NCB Pegswood (post 1947?)
NCB Cramlington (post 1947?)
Seghill Brick
Wallsend & Hebburn Coal Company Ltd
Wallsend & Hebburn Coal Co. Ltd
This brick and the next one appear to have been used in WW2 coastal defensive structures at Amble.
Jones Brothers, Pelaw. Brick Makers
Jones Bros, Pelaw
Fosters Felling Brick Works
Fosters Felling
H. Carr & Co.  Brick Works
H. Carr & Co.
- a mystery, found at Amble
Hartley Main Colliery Bricks
Hartley Main Colliery Company bricks, stuck to lumps of concrete in sea defence rubble south of Hauxley.
We suspect there will be many more, will add them as we find them!
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