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St. Lawrence Churchyard Monumental Inscriptions, Warkworth, Northumberland


St. Lawrence Church Warkworth

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Eleanor Bell, James Bell ....Dickson  Thomas Lake Elizabeth Wilson, John Wilson Eleanor Embleton, Elizabeth Embleton, Jane Embleton
In memory of Eleanor, wife of James Bell, of Hadstone Link House, who died Dec 21st 1849 aged 54 years. The above James Bell, died at Blakemoor April 14th 18?? aged 70 years. Sacred to the memory of ....Dickson of Radcliffe who died......1840 Aged....
stone eroded
Sacred to the memory of Thomas Lake, Mate of the Brig Fly of Lynn, lost in the night of  Dec. 29 1821 aged 32 years Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, wife of John Wilson of East Field Mill, who died June 17th 1857 aged 36 years.
John Wilson husband of the above died May 26th 1877 aged 76 years. They rest in peace.

Erected by Robert Embleton of Radcliffe Terrace in memory of his wife Eleanor Embleton who died June 24th 1851 aged 71 years. Also his daughter Elizabeth who died May 27th 1851 aged 38 years. Also his daughter Jane who died January 28th 1852 aged 28 years

Jane Wake, Thomas John Wake Robert Sheriff, James Sheriff, Andrew Sheriff Mary Ann Taylor, John Taylor Barbra Trobe, Henry Trobe, Thomas Trobe, Margaret Trobe. Robert Shotton. Seaman ?
In memory of Jane Wake, daughter of John and Frances Turnbull who died Feby 1st 1861 aged 1 year. Also of Thomas John their son who died Feby 11th 1861 aged 3 years. For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven   

In memory of Robert son of James & Esther Sheriff who died Jan 12th 1857 aged 23 years. The above James Sheriff, died May 5th 1863 aged 70 years. Elijah son of the above died Dec 22nd 1863 aged 24 years. Andrew son of the above died June 20th 1867 aged 36 years.

Erected in memory of Mary Ann wife of William Taylor who died at Hedgeley the 14th of June 1840 aged 26 years. John their son died the 9th of August 1842 aged 5 years and 5 months.

Sacred to the memory of Barbra wife of Henry Trobe of Guyzance Mill who died Dec 17 1845 aged 60 years. Henry Trobe the above died March 13th 1865 aged 82 years. Also of Thomas Trobe who died Jan … 1880 aged 68 years. Margaret his wife died June 1st 1856 aged 40 years. Simply to thy cross I cling.

In memory of Robert Shotton. Seaman, the last nine years of his life Sexton of this parish. Died 13th of February 18…Aged 75 years.

   Stone delaminating

John Clark Thomas Wilkinson, Margaret Wilkinson, Jane Wilkinson. Thomas Sordy, Esther Sordy, William Sordy, Henery Sordy Ann Rutherford Sarah Widdrington Edward Thew, Elizabeth Thew.
Sacred to the memory of John Clark. Joiner of Warkworth who died April 7 1809 aged ….

Sacred to the Memory of Thomas Wilkinson of Chester House died July 31st 1853 aged 77 years. Margaret wife of the above died March 26th 1853 aged 70 years. Jane their daughter died June 10th 1830 aged 12 years.

Underneath are deposited the remains of Thomas and Esther Sordy and their family. Thomas Sordy, born 1778, died 1834. Esther Sordy  his wife born 1774, died 1845. – Their family;  Thomas born 1801, died 1847. William born 1807, died 1828,  Henery born 1810 died 1840. Ann their daughter the beloved wife of James Rutherford who lived 32 years  & was interred at Alnwick on the 9th day of July 1851

Sacred to the Memory of Sarah Widdrington of Hauxley, wife of the Revd. Joseph Cook of Newton Hall in this County. She died Jany 11: 1840 in her seventy second year.

Erected by the children of Edward and Elizabeth Thew of Shortridge in affectionate memory of their parents who rest below. A.D 1875

[ crew of the Cathrine (sic) Catherine?]
Samuel Hunter, Robert Hay, James Reed, Richard Wynn, David Hay, William Merriman, Thomas Gilhespy, Robert Day, William Smith.
William Pringle,   ....t Purvis Pringle Joanna Huggup, Ralph Gallilee Huggup, (Snr. & Jnr.) Sarah Dand Huggup Thomas Werge
This stone is carved on both sides

Placed by the Owners, Widows and Parents of the crew of the ship Cathrine, of Sunderland which was lost on the Coquet Island on the 4th day of November 1821 when every person (nine in number) perished. Samuel Hunter of Monkwearmouth shore, Master aged 26 years. Son in law to Robert and Mary Hay, Baker of the same place. Robert Hay brother in law to the above, of Sunderland, Mate aged 24 years whose body was found and interred……….James Reed, son of George and  Dorothy Reed of Monkwearmouth shore,………..aged 17 whose body was found and interred here

Richard Wynn son of Matthew & Margaret Wynn of Washington Staith, Carpenter, aged 21 years. David Hay, son of Samuel and Margaret Hay of Sunderland aged 18 years. William Merriman, son of Wrightson and Jane Merriman of Sunderland, aged 21 years whose body was found and interred here. Thomas Gilhespy aged 25 years, and Robert Day aged 24 years of Sunderland.....William Smith aged 20 of Monkwearmouth shore whose body was found and interred here. ...............      ......aged 6 years. William Pringle Father of the above.....Aug 21st 1852 aged 66 years  ......  .....t Purvis Pringle.....April 16th 1859......

   Stone delaminating


In Memory of Joanna, wife of Ralph Gallilee Huggup of Shoreston in the parish of Bamburgh, and daughter of James Dand of Hauxley in this Parish, born.....1809 died 21 Feb 1854. Ralph Gallilee Huggup born 21 May 1819 Died at  Pentney Norfolk 15th May 1875. Ralph Gallilee Huggup born 21st August 1852, died at West Bolton Northumberland 14 March 1907. Sarah Dand Huggup born 5th May 1851, died at Torquay 18th Sept 1910. Dedicated
to the memory of
Thomas Werge
Royal Navy
[sandstone tablet mounted on the Vestry north exterior wall]
Hannah Fennell, John Holdsworth.
Robert Huggup, Mary Anne Huggup, Jane Gallilee ? Hannah Judith Winscom Ann Sanderson, James Sanderson, John Sanderson. John Hornsby

Sacred to the Memory of Hannah Fennell, relict of the late Richard Fennell Esq of London, who died Dec 21st 1837 aged 84 years. Also Hannah Daughter of the above, wife of John Holdsworth of Amble Link House, who died August 2nd 1838, aged 17 years. The Above John Holdsworth who died March 6th 1861 aged 73 years

Saacred to the Memory of Robert Huggup of  Hauxley who died May 24th 1834 aged 56 years.   Mary Ann wife of the above Robert Huggup died 17th December 1856 aged 73 years.    Jane Gallilee, sister of the above Mary Anne Huggup, died 31st November 1858 aged 72 years. ...Hannah Judith Winscom....


Erected in memory of Ann wife of James Sanderson of Amble, Mason, who died November 9 1841 Aged 26 years. John their infant son died November 22 1841. The above James Sanderson died June 21st 1859 aged 45 years

Sacred to the memory John Hornsby of Amble who died on the 30th day of June 1841 aged 62 years.
Mary Kennedy, Ann Kennedy Anna Eliza Reed James White, Thomas White Ann Thomson, Gilbert Thomson Edward Dodsworth

Erected by James Kennedy in memory of his daughter Mary Kennedy who died at Brandon on the 11th April 1850 aged 27 years. Ann Kennedy who died at East ..………Aged 58 years

Sacred to the memory of Anna Eliza the beloved daughter of John and Louisa Carolina Reed who departed this life Jan 19th 1862 aged 9 years and 11 months. 


Sacred to the memory of James White of Radcliffe Terrace, departed this life December 22 1843 aged 33 years – Hark! A voice divides the sky, Happy are the faithful dead, in the lord who sweetly die, they from all their toils are freed.  Thomas White brother of the above departed this life March 30 1847 aged 28

Erected in memory of Ann Thomson who died at Acklington Park on the 27th March 1847 aged 75. Gilbert Thomson, Manufacturer who died on the 29th March 1850 aged 44. David Laing Thomson son of James Thomson, Manufacturer who died on the 17th January 1849 aged 4 months. Here lyeth the body of Edward Dodsworth of East Chevington, huntsman to King James, who departed to the mercy of God the 30th of May, anno domini 1630.
David Thomson, Ann Thomson Henry Miller, Elizabeth Miller, John Miller Richard Johnson Ann Maxwell, Charles Maxwell Maria Bell, Frederick George Bell

Sacred to the memory of David Thomson manufacturer, Acklington Park and late Galashiels, who died 27th September 1845 aged 66 years. Ann his daughter who died 2 April 1834 aged 24 years

In memory of Henry Miller of Warkworth Barns who died 26th Jan 1856 aged 73 years. Elizabeth his wife died 1st August 184? aged 44 years. Three children of the above died in January 1836 viz; on the 19th Jane aged 5 years, on the 10th Elizabeth aged 6 years, on the 23rd John aged 3 years. John brother of the above Henry Miller who died 1st Nov 18?? Aged 73 years. Ann their sister died 4th May 1861 aged 82 years

Sacred to the memory of Richard Johnson of Warkworth formerly of …..


Sacred to the memory of Ann Maxwell, daughter of Charles Maxwell of Amble, who died Dec 16 1805 Aged….    Charles, his son P…. Maj. ......


Erected in memory of Maria, the beloved wife of Andrew Bell, who died at Amble Hope House on the 18th April 1858 aged 30 years. Also Frederick George son of the above who died on 24th of March 1858 aged 3 years.

Sarah Walker, Thomas Walker. Mary Mason, William Mason, George Mason Mary Ann Adler, Robert Adler, Catherine Fothergill David Cary Potts, Robert Wigham Potts, Isabella Potts,   Rosina Mabil Potts.  Mary Davidson

Sacred to the memory of Sarah wife of Thomas Walker of Amble who died August 10 18?? Aged ?? years.  The above Thomas Walker died April 11th 1860 aged 78 years.

In memory of the children of George & Jane Ann Mason of Amble. Mary who died March 4th 1849 aged 1 year and 9 months, William who died Feb 10th 1851 aged 11 months. George who died Nov 4th 1851 aged 2 years and 11 months

In memory of Robert and Mary Ann Adler. The above Mary Ann  died June 10th 1857 aged 64 years. The above Robert died March 2nd 1858 aged 74 years Charlotte Fothergill their daughter died June 1st 1848 aged 22 years and was interred at Alnwick. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven

Erected in memory of the beloved children of Thomas and Elizabeth Potts of Warkworth. David Cary Potts who died March 23rd 1854 aged 4 years and 7 months, Robert Wigham Potts who died April 3rd 1854 aged 1 year and 4 months, Isabella Potts who died April 16th 1854 aged 5 years and 1 month. Rosina Mabil Potts died July 15th 1861 aged 1 year.

In sacred memory of Mary wife of Andrew Davidson, Shipmaster, who died at Amble on the 27th Day of May 1852 aged 36 years. She was much respected by her husband who erected this monument as a tribute to her memory.

Mark Douglas Stephen Thompson, Elizabeth Ann Thompson, Emma Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson Catherine Thompson. Alice Hume Waters, James Waters. William Thompson, Isabella Bridget Thompson, Thomas Harper Thompson Susannah Simpson
In memory of Mark Douglas who departed this life December 28th 1856 aged 30 years.

Sacred to the memory of Stephen Thomson Saddler who died July 12th 1848 aged 54 years. Elizabeth Ann his second daughter died May 11th 1851 aged 18 years. Emma his third daughter died October 6th 1851 aged 16 years.  Elizabeth wife of the above died February 5th 1857 aged 63 years. Catherine, wife of Stephen Thompson son of the above, died February 21st 1857 aged 34 years also Stephen their son died February 8th 1860 aged 4 years.

In memory of Alice Hume Waters who died Jan 2nd 1855 aged 74 years. Also James Waters husband of the above who died Nov 2nd 1866 aged 87 years.

Sacred to the memory of William Thompson of Cavilhead, who died on the 10th April 1852 aged 55 years. Isabella Bridget  wife of Thomas Harper Thompson of Cavilhead who died Aug 19th 1860 aged 33 years. Thomas Harper Thompson of Cavilhead who died Aug 30th 1884 aged 78 years

Sacred to the memory of Susannah Simpson, wife of James Simpson, who died at Alnwick March 6th 1858 aged 20 years . She lies entomb’d within the silent clay, Till the Archangel sounds the Judgement Day.

James Innes William Taylor, Jane Taylor, Ann Taylor, Margaret Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor. William Younger, Mary Younger, William John Younger. Thomas Buston, Phillis Buston. William Strong, Dorothy Strong.
Sacred to the memory of James Innes, of T.......

obscured by other stones.

In memory of William Taylor of Warkworth who died July 14 1851 aged 63 years, and Jane his wife who died April 5 1829 aged 43 years. And of their children: Ann, died Nov 5 1835 aged 23 years, Margaret died Sept 1 1841 aged 16 years. Also of Elizabeth (nee Bolton) second wife of the above William Taylor who died June 22. 1860 aged 63 years.

Sacred to the memory of William Younger of Warkworth who died Nov. 22 1812 aged 60 years. Jane his wife died Jan 26 1824 aged 71 years. Mary their daughter died June 3 1821 aged 39 years. Robert Younger their son died June 13 1841 aged 47 years. William John his son died Feb 23 1834 aged 9 years. Mary Catherine…daughter died Sept 26 1849 aged…. years. Charlotte his daughter died Jan 15 1859 aged 21 years. Mary wife of Robert Younger died March 2? 1868 aged 71 years

In memory of Thomas Buston of Buston, born AD 1757 died AD 1839. Also Phillis his wife Born AD 1760 died AD 1833 , and Thomas Buston their son born AD 1798,died AD 1832

In memory of Thomas son of Roger and Gigely Buston born 11 March 1844, died 17 March 1844. And of Juliana Phillis their daughter born 29 Jan 1848 died 16 Dec 1853

Sacred to the memory of William Strong of Low Buston, who died June 29, 1826 aged 54 years. Also Dorothy his wife died April 26, 1816 aged 43 years.

Jane Watson, Robert Watson. Robert Bullock, Phillice Bullock John Armstrong, Samuel Armstrong, Elizabeth Armstrong, Osweld Armstrong, Eleanor Armstrong Thomas Leithead Thomas John McKaine
Erected to the memory of Jane, wife of Robert Watson of Acklington, Blacksmith, who died on the 24th of July 1843 aged 70 years. The above Robert Watson died 5th Jan 1846 aged 73 years Here lyeth the body of Robert Bullock, who departed this life the 17th day of December, anno domini 1698, freehold  of Amble. Phillice his wife, who departed January 12th, 1717. In Memory of Jno. Armstrong who died Sepr 1st Aged 73 buried at Shilbottle 1763. Also of Samuel Armstrong who died Oct 4th 1767 aged 25 years. Also of Elizabeth Armstrong who died June 6th 17?? aged 79 ys. Also of Osweld Armstrong who died June 15th 1798 aged 58 years.   …Eleanor Armstrong ….. In memory of Thomas Leithead died February 5th 1852 aged 44 years

(Leithead is on the 1841 census for Warkworth as a Surgeon, and the 1851 census as a General Practitioner.)
Sacred to the memory of ......Thomas John McKaine Presbyterian Minister, Warkworth, Who departed this life.....

stone eroded. 1st Presbyterian minister of Warkworth.  Hodgson records McKaine's date of death as 4th February 1827
George Dawson, Thomas Dawson, Ann Dawson Thomas Appleby,  Isabella Appleby, Nicholas Appleby, Margaret Appleby.  Isabella Appleby, Judith Johnson William Appleby, Eleanor Appleby, Mary Appleby, Anne Appleby Robert Appleby, Isabel Appleby, Margaret Appleby, John Appleby, Ann Appleby, Catherine Hodgson

In memory of George Dawson who died at Amble Febry 13th 1858 aged 66 years. Thomas Dawson son of the above died Oct 3rd 1841 aged 19 years. Ann Dawson daughter of the above died July ……aged 39 years.

Sacred to the memory of Isabella, wife of Thomas Appleby of Eastfield, who died Dec 7th, 1787, aged 57 years. The above Thomas Appleby, who died Sept 23rd, 1790, aged 67 years. Nicholas Appleby son of the above died May ….18?? aged 7.. years. Margaret Appleby daughter of the above died July 11 1830 aged 64 years.

Sacred to the memory of Isabella wife of William Appleby of East-Field who died 11 Sept  1839  aged 36 years. Also Judith Johnson sister of William Appleby who died Aug 28th 18?6 aged 68 years.


Here lie the bodies of William Appleby of Acklington High Park died June ? 1852 aged 79 Eleanor his daughter died October 18?? aged 16. Mary his daughter died 18?? Aged 25. Ann his daughter died Dec 20th 1857 aged 31. Ann Appleby wife of the above William Appleby died Aug 24th 1860 aged 70

  Also see Appleby pedigree on the Acklington page
Mary Ornsby, Edward Ornsby ...Harper James Nicholson, Richard Nicholson, James Nicholson, Ann Nicholson William Stewart Thomas Patterson

Sacred to the memory of Mary, wife of Edward Ornsby of Warkworth who died July 8 1841 aged 65 years. Edward Ornsby died sept 26 1864 aged 80 years.

In Memory...Harper..

stone obscured

Erected to the Memory of James Nicholson died at Warkworth De Mains April 28th 180?  Aged 26 years.  Richard Nicholson, father of the above James Nicholson died at Chevington Wood Side May 29th  ???? aged 62 years. Ann Nicholson wife of Richard Nicholson died at East Thurston Sept 26th 1821 aged  ?2 years….

Sacred to the memory
 of William Stewart.....


In memory of Thomas Patterson formerly of Acklington Low Park who departed this life aged 50 years and was interred October 11th 1828 near this spot. This stone has been erected by his affectionate children Mary and George.

Robert Common Jane Railson Thomas Bell, Jane Bell George Taylor, Margaret Taylor. George Thompson, Anne Thompson

Sacred to the memory of Robert Common of Morp.....…..who died J…….aged 79 years.

Sacred to the memory of Jane Railson wife of George Railson who died April 2?th 1852 aged 27 years.

In memory of Thomas Bell of Acklington, who died Jan 30th 1867 aged 84 years also of Jane his wife, who died April 8th 1862 aged 77 years.

Sacred to the memory of George Taylor of Eshot Brocks who died on the 13th of October 1836 aged 75 years. Margaret his wife who died September 15th 185? Aged 91 years

In memory of George Thompson who died December 15th 1868 aged 74 years and of Anne, his wife who died November 28th 1858 aged 63 years.

Mary Chrisp, John Chrisp, Elizabeth Chrisp. Thomas Cuthbertson, Mary Cuthbertson, Isabella Cuthbertson, Margaret Cuthbertson. Thomas Elder, Margaret Elder Elenor Grey Henry Henderson

Erected in memory of Mary wife of John Chrisp who died at Hauxley April the 1st 1858 aged 59 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the lord that they may rest from their labours. The Above John Chrisp who died at Benton Square Nov 3rd 1864 aged 66 years . Blessed are the peacemakersMatt . Elizabeth Daughter of Adam and Elizabeth Chrisp……

Stone broken

In Memory of Thomas Cuthbertson who died 12th Oct 1799 aged 54 years. Jane daughter of Thos died 24th Decr 1799 aged 9 months. Mary mother of Jane died 3rd Nov 1824[?] Aged 81 years. Thos son of Thos and Mary, died 5th Nov 1852 aged 45 years. Isabella sister of Thos died 24th Aug 1835 aged 39 years  Margaret Cuthbertson died 13th July 1845 aged …… years ……

Stone broken

Sacred to the memory of Mr Thomas Elder of this Parish who departed this life on the …. Day of November 1795[?] …………..Margaret Elder wife of ….who departed this life 30th day of September 1806  in the 90th year of her age  ……… ……….


Sacred to the memory of Elenor wife of Thomas Grey Amble Moor House....  .... ....husband.......... October.....

stone delaminating

Sacred to the memory of Henry Henderson of Warkworth, Merchant, who died Nov 16th 1805 aged 65 years.

stone delaminating


John Muers, Jane Muers, Henry Muers, Thomas Muers. Henry Cowens, John Cowens Jane Cowens, Mary Cowens, Robert Cowens. William Brown, Magdalene Brown.    

The Family Burial place of John and Jane Muers. Henry their son who died May 28th 1833 aged 22 years. The above John Muers who died May 14th 1838 aged 58 years. Jane wife of the above John Muers, who died April 16th 1847 aged 67 years. Thomas their son died Nov 1, 1850 aged 31 years.

Sacred to the memory of Henry son of John and Jane Cowens of Acklington, who died 22nd Dec 1834 aged 21 years. Jane wife of John Cowens who died 23rd June 1842 aged 69 years. Mary wife of Robert Cowens died 28th July 1844 aged ??  years.  Robert Cowens died February 6th 1855… John Cowans died June 3rd 1856……. ……… ……… ……..  ………  ……….   

Sacred to the memory of William Brown, who departed this life January 2nd 1836 in the 83rd year of his age. Deeply lamented and universally respected   …..tytwo years he zealously discharged the arduous duties of Master of the borough school of Warkworth. This memorial is erected by his afflicted widow. Magdalene Brown who died Oct 18th 1859......  ....   

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