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The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, Widdrington, Northumberland.
The War Memorial, Commonwealth War Graves and Monumental Inscriptions.


The Church
The War Memorial Cross 1914-1919
Rough hewn Celtic cross in white granite.
Full image front face
(east facing)
back Front panel Name panel south face Name panel north face
The monumental inscriptions from the old section of the churchyard.
 military highlighted in green, mining in blue.
Henry Jacob Annett, Margaret Sharp Annett, Ellen Sadler Annett, Elizabeth Mary Annett? Henry Jacob Annett, Hugh Clarkson Annett, Daisy Annett, Hugh Crawford Annett. Matthew Edwards,
Charlotte Edwards.
Eliza Tindall,
Mary Margaret Tindall.
Simpson Brown Maughan, Isabel Maughan, Dorothy Maughan.

The burial place of H.J. and M.S. Annett of Widdrington. Ellen Sadler their daughter, died 14th December 1859 aged 6 years. Yes thou art gone and saints thy welcome sing, thy youthful sprit soars on angels wing. Our dark affection could have wish’d thy stay, but god almighty call’d his child away. Margaret Sharp, wife of the above H.J. Annett, died Dec 30th 1892, aged 73 years. “Himself hath done it” Henry Jacob Annett, died Aug. 6th 1895 in his 77th year. “At rest” Elizabeth Mary their daughter, died Feb 15th 1917 aged 66 years.

In loving memory of Henry Annett only son of Henry Jacob Annett of Widdrington who died February 13th 1895 in his 46th year. Hugh Clarkson Annett 2nd Lieut Durham Light Infantry second son of the above Henry Annett, Killed in France Sept 16th 1916 aged 30 years. Daisy Annett died Aug 30th 1958, aged 72 years. Hugh Crawford Annett (Pilot Officer R.A.F.V.R.) son of the above Killed in Action 1944 aged 22 years. Also of Henry Annett died 17th March 1973 aged 89 In loving remembrance of Matthew Edwards M.A. forty eight years Minister at Widdrington, who died at the Manse Feby 20th 1892 aged 77 years. Also of Charlotte wife of the above who died at the Manse Widdrington Novr 19 1886 aged 68 years. Eliza Tindall
died.. ....
...Mary Margaret
who died at John Park
... Aberdeenshire
.... 8th 18??
aged 11 years
The above were daughters of  the late Thomas Tindall of Druridge

[stone weathered]

In memoriam of the Reverend Simpson Brown Maughan, Vicar of this parish, died August 8 1869 aged 62 years. Isabel Maughan his mother died March 14 1864 aged 78 years. Dorothy Maughan his widow died Nov 11 1877 aged 64 years.

Edward Henderson, Mary Henderson. Elizabeth Trew George Spowart Isabella Wright, James Wright, Thomas Wright. Eliza Carlton, John Carlton, Annie Carlton, Jane Callon.

In Memory of Edward Henderson of  Creswell who died January 16th 1854 aged 69 years. Also of Mary his beloved wife who died at Anick House Hexham May 14th 1876 aged 91 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the lord.

Here lies the body of M? Elizabeth Trew Obitt March 30th 1843, Etat 98 Years

In affectionate remembrance of George Spowart the dearly beloved son of George & Isabel Spowart, who was killed by a fall of stone at Widdrington Colliery Nov. 5th 1898 aged 23 years.

Isabella, the beloved wife of James Wright who died at Widdrington Colliery May 24th 1891 aged 69 years. The above James Wright, died May 16th 1902 aged 81 years. Mary Ann, Matthew & Samuel their children, died in Infancy.    Suffer little children, to come unto me. Thomas, their son died Octr 18th 1899 aged 54 years.     

In Affectionate remembrance of Eliza Carlton, daughter of John & Annie Carlton who departed this life at Widdrington April 4th 1895 aged 14 years 10 months. The above John Carlton who died at Houndalee May 4 1919, in his 70th year. Jane Callon who died at Widdrington Colliery Jan 11th 1884 aged 73 years. The above Annie Carlton who died at Houndalee Jan 23 1918 aged 69 years.

Robert Fairbairn Buddle, Elizabeth Isabella Buddle, William Buddle. Ann Guttridge, Joseph Guttridge, Ann Robson, Charles William Mavin, John Mavin Eleanor Urpeth William Hindmarsh, Jane Hindmarsh, Margaret Hindmarsh, Walter Hindmarsh, Thomas Hindmarsh. 

Robert Fairbairn the beloved son of William & Elizabeth Isabella Buddle who died at Widdrington Station on the 19th day of September 1887 aged 6 years and 10 months. The above Elizabeth Isabella, the beloved wife of William Buddle who died at Widdrington Station April 29th 1898 aged 44 years. The above William Buddle who died at Kenton 20th Oct 194? Aged 88 years.

In affectionate remembrance of Thomas the beloved son of Joseph and Ann Guttridge who died at Widdrington Station on the 20th of June 1887 aged 22 years. Also Jane their beloved daughter and wife of Anthony Robertson who died ay Quarry House Cresswell on the 29th of July 1888 aged 25 years. Also Joseph Robson beloved son of the above who died at Widdrington Station on the 25th of December 1887 aged 1 year and 5 months . Also Ann, the beloved wife of Joseph Guttridge, who died Sepbr  20th 1896, aged 67 years. Also the above Joseph Guttridge who died April 4th 1901 aged 76 years.

In loving memory of Charles William, the Beloved husband of Sarah Mavin, who died at Ferneybeds from injuries received at Stobswood Colliery May 29th 1930 aged 55 years. Pte John Mavin, NF, MGC, their son, was killed in France March 22nd 1918 aged 21 years.


Eleanor, eldest daughter of Robert and Mary Urpeth of Widdrington, who died March 9 1862 aged 19 years. “Weep not she is not dead but sleepeth”


In affectionate remembrance of William Hindmarsh, who died at Widdrington Colliery Nov 19th 1882 aged 59 years. Margaret his daughter died Jan 19th 1892 aged 30 years. William Hindmarsh his grandson died May 3rd 1893 aged 12 years. Walter his son died Jan 10th 1895 aged 26 years. Jane wife of the above, died Aug 5th 1905 aged 78 years. Thomas their son died Jan 23rd 1919 aged 66 years, interred at Ulgham.

Matthew Forster, William Forster, Margaret Foster, Robert Frances English John Brown, Alice Brown, Anthony Brown, Robert Brown, John Brown, Isabell Brown, Ralph Brown Jacob Wilkinson, Elizabeth Wilkinson,  Mary Wilkinson Edward Stevenson, George Edward Stevenson  

In Memory of  Matthew Forster, who died September 30th 1852 aged ?9 years. Also William son of the above who was lost in Molmain River, East Indies, August 14th 1844 aged 22 years. Also of Margaret his wife who died …. …. 1862 aged 72 years. Also of Robert Frances English their son in law who died at …. ….. December 26th 1860 aged …. years. Also their ….. ….,  son of R.F. English…..Frank Robert …… also Mary……. [plaster cover of stone disintegrating]

In memory of John Brown who died at Widdrington West Stead, December 26th 1842 aged 72 years. George son of the above died June 16th 1828 aged 2 months. Anthony son of the above died May 1st 1870 aged 51 years. Alice wife of the above  who died at Third House, March 24th 1874 aged 81 years. Robert their son died Dec 25th 1881 aged 60 years. John Brown son of the above Robert Brown, who lost his life at Widdrington Colliery by an accident May 12th 1884 aged 38 years. Alice granddaughter of the above Robert Brown, died June 8th 1884 Aged 15 years. Isabell, wife of the above Robert Brown died at Craster West Farm Nov 14th 1905 aged 93 years. Ralph Brown did May 2nd 1914 aged 78 years.

In Memory of Jacob Wilkinson son of Jacob and Elizabeth Wilkinson of Widdrington who departed this life December 7th 1786 [or 1780?] aged 16 years. Mary Wilkinson daughter of Anthony and Mary Wilkinson of Widdrington died June the 5th …..aged….Years.  Jacob Wilkinson husband…the above Elizabeth Wilkinson died March 20……aged 74 years. Also Elizabeth wife of the above Jacob Wilkinson of Widdrington who died Sept…18?7 aged 78 years. Elizabeth wife of Henry Hall? Of Linemouth daughter of A…M…Wilkinson of Widdrington died J……….

In Memory of Edward the beloved husband of Margaret Stevenson, who died Nov 19 1903 aged 30 years (of Widdrington Colliery) Also of George Edward Stevenson beloved son of the above who was killed in action in France Dec 23 1917 aged 24 years. Buried at Zillebeke South East of Ypres. Deeply Mourned

[George Edward Stevenson (and his mother) lived at Blyth at the start of the war and he is probably recorded on the Blyth war memorial. He served and died with the 10th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment]
  Walter Spillman Wickenden      

In Loving memory of Walter Spillman Wickenden 6½ years Vicar of Widdrington, born Jan 14th 1885, died Jan18th 1956. “In thy presence is fullness of joy” Psalm 16 v 11

    Robert Burns, Isabella Burns, John Burns    

Robert the dearly beloved son of John & Isabella Burns of Widdrington Colliery who died July 29th 1881 aged 24 years. John Burns died Aug .. … 1886 aged … … years. Isabella wife of the above John Burns who died at Widdrington Colliery Nov 8th 18?? Aged 74 years

William Taylor, Eleanor Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor     Robert Scott, Mary Ann Scott, Elizabeth Scott, Isabella Scott  

In Memory of William Taylor of Druridge who departed this life April 15th 1779 [or 1789?] aged 88 years. Eleanor wife of the Above William Taylor departed this life March 31st 1761 aged 70 years interr’d in the body of the church. Likewise in memory of William Taylor junior, who departed this life September 18th 1764 aged 34 years also interr’d  in the body of the church. Elizabeth wife of the above William…


Robert Scott, who died at Elyhaugh Aug 2nd 1889 aged 59 years. Mary Ann his wife who died at Druridge June 22nd 1866 aged 41 years. Elizabeth, beloved daughter of the above died at Bedlington Glebe May 17th 1903 aged 46 years. Isabella their beloved daughter died at West Hartford Aug 14th 1905 aged 52 years.

Joseph French, Elizabeth French George Hall, John Hall, Camilla Hall   Francis Joice, Elleanor Joice, Agnes Joice Moses Taylor, Jane Taylor, Annie Taylor, Ann Taylor John Taylor

In loving memory of Joseph, the beloved husband of Elizabeth French, who died at Widdrington Colliery, Oct 10 1901 aged 44 years. Also of their children Margaret & Joseph, who died in infancy. And of the Above Elizabeth French, who died June 27 1934 aged 71 years.


George Hall, who died at Widdrington Colliery, Nov 22nd 1872 aged 65 years. John Hall son of the Above who lost his life at Chevington Station Sep 12th 1874 aged 27 years. We cannot lord thy purpose see, but all is well that’s done by thee. Camilla Hall wife of the above who died at Ashington Colliery April 27th 1887 aged 73 years.

Sacred to the memory of  Thomas Storrie, the beloved husband of Catherine Storrie, Accidentally killed at Widdrington Station on December 28th 1931.


In Memory of Francis Joice, who died at Widdrington Colliery Nov 6th 1884, Aged 79 years. Elleanor, his wife died April 6th 1889, aged 83 years. Agnes, wife of Francis Joice, son of the above died Jan 20th 1879 aged 27 years. Agnes their daughter died March 21st 1878 aged 10 months. Francis, their son died Feb 22nd 1879 aged 3 months. Frank Foggo their grandson died 26th Jan 1960, aged 79 years. Magdalene (Dilly) died 6th May 1975 aged 79 years.

In remembrance of Moses Taylor, who died April 10th 1868 aged 68 years. Interred at Gateshead. Jane, wife of the above died Nov 5th 1877 aged 81 years. Annie the beloved daughter of John & Ann Taylor of Widdrington who died Aug 2nd 1880 aged 4½ years. Thy will be done.  The above Ann Taylor, who died Nov. 6th 1907 aged 69 years. The above John Taylor who died July 25th 1923 aged 94 years.

Edward Cuthbert, Ann Cuthbert George Gibson, Ann Gibson, Ellen Gibson, John Gibson, Catherine Gibson Eleanor Proctor Thomas Marshall Reginald Campbell

In memory of Edward Cuthbert, who died died at Houndalee, August 11th 1862 aged 32 years. Ann, wife of the above who died at Earsdon-Hill Nov 4th 1892 aged 59 years.


In affectionate remembrance of George Gibson, who died at Widdrington Colliery Dec 1st 1871 aged 55 years. Catherine his daughter died June 11th 1852 aged 7 years. Ann Gibson, wife of the above George died March 13th 1876 aged 57 years. Ellen daughter of the above who died Dec 28th 1881 aged 21 years. John son of the above who died Sept ?8th 1882 aged 30 years.

Eleanor, wife of Vincent Proctor died Oct …. 1838  aged ….. years.

.In memory of ..Thomas Marshall...

[stone obscured]

In loving memory of Reginald, beloved husband of Mary Ann Campbell, of Linton, who died April 9 1903, aged 40 years.

 Andrew Calder, Margaret, Calder John Calder Edward Storey, Elizabeth Storey Alice Black, Ellen Humble, Henry Humble. Mary Marsh, Thomas A. Marsh, Thomas George Marsh John Willis

Sacred to the memory of John, son of Andrew and Margaret Calder of Widdrington who died Nov 21st 1867 aged 11 years 9 months. [verse] The above Andrew Calder who died Jan 27 1878 aged 65 years. Margaret his wife died Oct 11 1895 aged 78 years.

In affectionate remembrance of  Edward Storey, who died at Choppington Guide Post, March 31st 1872, aged 33 years, interred at Bedlington, also Elizabeth, the beloved & only child of Isabel, and the above Edward Story, who died at Togston Barns, Aug 11th 1879 aged 10 years and 9 months.

In memory of Alice, wife of John Black and daughter of Henry and Ellen Humble of Widdrington, who died January 18th 1863 aged 30 years. The above Ellen Humble died December 28th 1877, aged 76 years. Henry Humble died July 21st 1887 aged 85 years. Ellen their daughter died April 26th 1899 aged 68 years

Mary, the beloved wife of  Thos. A. Marsh, who died June 16th 1859 aged 23 years. Thos. George son of the above who died May 1st 185? Age 7 months


Sacred to the memory of John, son of John & Ruth Willis who died at Ellington Moor, Oct 23 1839 aged 10 years.

William Hendry, Margaret Hendry, John  Hendry Margaret Wood, Elizabeth Gibson, David Gibson John Wilkinson Annett, Mary Thomasina Annett John Annett, Ann Annett,  Jacob William Annett, Elizabeth Mary Annett. Thomas Joseph Mather, George Mather

In loving memory of William Hendry died April 5th 1872, aged 64 years. Margaret, his wife died Nov 25th 1893, aged 72 years. John, their son died June 22nd 1877, aged 24 years. Margaret their daughter died June 5th 1937, aged 79 years.

In memory of Margaret, wife of John Wood, daughter of David and Elizabeth Gibson of Cresswell, died July 10th  1853 aged 32. Elizabeth Gibson, mother of the above Margaret Wood died Oct 11th 1861 aged 72 years. The above David Gibson died Dec 5th 1868 aged 77 years.

In memory of John Wilkinson Annett, born March 5th 1848, died June 26th 1905. Also of Mary Thomasina Annett wife of the above…….[obscured]

In loving memory of John Annett died Jan 9th 1892 aged 74 years. Ann his wife, died May 17th 1895, aged 67. Jacob William Annett, Brother of above died Nov. 18th 1911 aged 80 years. Elizabeth Mary his wife died Sept 11 1915 aged 66 years

Erected in memory of Thomas Joseph Mather, Hemscott-hill, who died Sept. 30 1862 aged 23 years. Barbara Elisabeth, Daughter of the above died Sept 25th 1862 aged 3 years. Mary Isabella daughter of the above Oct 6th 1862 aged 1 year. Also Elizabeth his wife interred at Warkworth. Also Thomas Joseph, their son, interred at Warkworth. Also George their son who died April 20th 1925 aged 70 years, interred at Gateshead.

Isabella Ogilvie Robert Muras, Sarah Muras, Sarah Christina Muras, John George Muras, Mary Muras Christina Muras Jane Linn... Margaret Nesbit, John Straker, Eleanor Wallace Straker,

In loving memory of Isabella the beloved wife of George Ogilvie, who died at Hirst, Feb 27 1904, aged 57 years. Also of their children Mary Ann, died Dec 2 1874 aged 3 months. Jane, died March 3 1878 aged 2 years and are interred at Bothal. John died Dec 1 1880 aged 2 years.

Erected in memory of Robert Muras of Widdrington, who died Sep. 17th 1851, aged 83 years. Sarah, his wife died Dec. 28th 1850, aged 77 years. Sarah Muras daughter of John & Mary Muras who died July 28th 1850, aged 3½ years. Sarah Christina, their daughter, died Jan 12th 1874 aged 24 years. John George their son was drowned in Middle River, Stockton States, California, March 20th 1878 aged 25 years. The above Mary Muras who died Feb 20th 1896 aged 74 years. John George Muras her beloved husband died June 30th 1899 aged 80 years.

[carved on the back of this stone]:- Christina Muras, daughter of Robert & Sarah Muras, died Aug 24th 1898 aged 81 years.

Sacred to the memory of Jane, wife of William Linn of .....Works, who departed this life 14th  1854 aged.... years. ...Elizabeth daughter of the above ......died....months....infant son of the above aged 30 hours.....William son of the above ......aged 2 years .... .... .... .... ...Anderson ......Widdrington... Tile....George.......??

[stone weathered]

Sacred to the memory of Margaret, wife of William Nesbit of Longbenton Farmer who departed this life December the 12 1851 aged 61 years. John Straker of Chibburn, brother of the above Margaret Nesbit died Feb 2nd 1876 aged 81 years. Eleanor Wallace Straker, sister of the above, died at Kensington, April 7th 1884 aged 83 years, and was buried at Nunhead London. John elder son of the above Margaret Nesbit died Dec 2nd 1913, aged 31 years. Interred in Jesmond Cemetery Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

George Watson, Isabella Watson Isabella Potts, William Potts, Andrew Potts Robert Ferguson, Walter Ferguson James Oliver Scott, Jane Ellen Scott, Thomas Scott, John Scott. Thomas Tait, Alexander Tait, Mary Tait

In affectionate remembrance of the beloved children of George & Isabella Watson, of Widdrington. Robert, Died June 9th 1867, aged 8 months. Elizabeth died Aug 1st 1883 aged 9 years & 6 months. Ann died Aug 16th 1883, aged 15 years & 6 months.  Annie Lizzie, their granddaughter died June 21st 1894 aged 3 years. The above Isabella Watson died Nov 1st 1904 aged 64 years. Also Margaret their Daughter died June 13th 1959, aged 89 years.

In affectionate remembrance of Isabella Potts, who died at Maidens Hall, May 1st 1874 aged 77 years. My flesh shall rest in hope. Also of William Potts, who died at Widdrington-North-Steads, July 12th 1878 aged 86 years. The end of that man is Peace. William Potts their son died at Widdrington-North-Steads, Nov 3rd 1890, aged 60 years. Thy will be done. Andrew Potts their son died at Widdrington-North-Steads, June 6th 1904 aged 71 years. My peace I leave with you. Isabella Potts, who died Sep. 2nd 1918 aged 83 years.

In affectionate remembrance of the children of Walter & Jane Ferguson, of Widdrington Colliery, Robert who died January 20, 1871 aged 9½ years. Walter, died March 1 1871 age 5½ years. Also two died in Infancy.


In memory of James Oliver Scott, died Oct 27th 1934 aged 65 years, beloved husband of Jane Ellen Scott died  Sept 12th 1911 aged 39 years. Also their sons, Thomas who fell in action in France Sept 20th 1917 aged 20 years. John, who died in Infancy.


In loving memory of Thomas, son of Alexander & Mary Tait of Widdrington Colliery who died Aug 4th 1888 aged ? and ? months. Also of the above  Alexander Tait who died December 18th 1896 aged ?? years. Also of the above Mary Tait who died February 2nd …..?  aged 78 years.

Catherine Mabel Brown, Robert Brown Mary Willis, John Thomas Willis, Alice Willis William Young, Jane Young, Isabella Hogg    

Sacred to the memory of Catherine Mabel, the beloved wife of Robert Brown who died at Widdrington Dec 27th 1929 aged 74 years. Also of Robert Brown who died at Widdrington Feb 2nd 1930 aged 78 years.

In loving memory of Mary, dearly beloved wife of Thomas Willis, who was killed in motor accident at Staingate, near Haltwistle, May 27th 1928 aged 48 years. Sweetest thoughts will ever linger around this spot where she is laid. Alice the dear daughter of the above who died July 31st 1944, aged 42 yrs. Also the above John Thomas, died 20th Feb1956 aged 76 years.

In affectionate remembrance of William Young who died at Widdrington Colliery Febry 3rd 1878 aged 66 years. Jane his wife died June 12th 1878 aged 68 years.  Grace Ann their granddaughter died Aug 25th 1877 aged 2 years….Sacred to the memory of John beloved husband of Isabella Hogg who died at Lynemouth June 8th 1933. Isabella, his wife daughter of the above William & Jane Young, died at Widdrington, Oct 5th 19…….




War Memorial

Names in green also have an inscription on a churchyard gravestone [see below]

South Panel (17)

Hugh C. Annnett

Second Lieutenant Hugh Clarkson Annett 6th Bn. Durham Light Infantry, Killed in Action 15th September 1916 aged 30. Son of Edith Crawford (formerly Annett), of Stanton Fence, Morpeth, and the late Henry Annett. Native of Widdrington.  Buried  Bazentin-Le-Petit Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France.

James Beaston 

20/372 Private James Beaston, 20th (Tyneside Scottish) Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, Killed in Action, 1st July 1916, (1st day of the Battle of the Somme) Commemorated Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France. Born Sunderland, enlisted Newcastle. (Stewart and Sheen's book, "Tyneside Scottish" record Beaston's address as Widdrington Colliery.)

Matthew Bell  
George Brown  
Matthew Burge  
James Calder 36742 Private James Calder, 6th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment, Killed in Action, 26th June 1918 aged 36. Son of Jane Calder, of 7, Store Row, Widdington, Morpeth, and the late William Calder. Buried Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe, Pas de Calais, France.
Robert Dargue

20027 Private Robert Dargue, 1st Bn. Highland Light Infantry, Killed in Action 25th October 1918 aged 24. Son of Mrs. Margaret Jane Dargue, of Widdrington Village, Morpeth, Northumberland. Commemorated Basra Memorial, Iraq. Previously served with the Royal Field Artillery.

Andrew Dodds

19966 Private Andrew Dodds, 11th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, Killed in Action 4th August 1916 aged 20. Son of Mrs. Mary Ann Dodds, of Widdrington Village, Morpeth, Northumberland. Commemorated Thiepval Memorial, Somme France. Born Widdrington, enlisted Ashington.

Joseph T. Dodds

17376 Private Joseph Thompson Dodds, 10th Bn. Yorkshire Regiment, Killed in Action 11th April 1917. Commemorated Arras Memorial Pas de Calais, France. Born Eighton Banks Gateshead, enlisted Morpeth, resided Widdrington.

Oswald Griffiths

241712 Private Oswald Griffiths 9th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), Killed in Action 30th September 1918. Buried  Dochy Farm New British Cemetery, Langemark-Poelkapelle, West-V. Belgium. Born Broomhill, enlisted Newcastle.

Frank H.W. Gunn

A/4098 Private Frank Horace Wellesley Gunn 3rd Bn. Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment). Died 14th February 1916 aged 21. Son of Frank Walter and Minnie Evelyn Gunn, of Widdrington, Northumberland, England.  Buried Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery, Belgium.

John W. Hall

17194 Private John William Hall, "D" Coy 2nd Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, Killed in Action 4th October 1915 aged 33. Son of John and Jane Ann Hall, of 3, Palmer Terrace, Ferneybeds, Widdrington, Morpeth, Northumberland.  Commemorated Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France. Born Widdrington, enlisted Newcastle.

James Hartill

10836 Corporal James Edward Hartill, "A" Coy. 13th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, Killed in Action 19th September 1916 aged 21. Son of David and Mary Hartill, of 9, Downe Row, Barrington, Bedlington Colliery, Northumberland. Born at Widdrington, Morpeth. Buried Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval, Somme France. Born Dewsbury Yorks, enlisted Morpeth.

Henry T. Jackson

Second Lieutenant Henry Teasdale Jackson, 13th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, attached 8th Bn. Leicestershire Regiment. Killed in Action 8th October 1917 aged 24. Son of Mary Richardson (formerly Jackson) and Thomas Richardson (stepfather), of Council Houses, Widdrington, Morpeth, Northumberland.  Commemorated Tyne Cot Memorial, Zonnebeke, Belgium.

George W. Kyle

29782 Private George William Kyle,. 11th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment, Killed in Action, 25th March 1918 aged 19. Son of William and Ellen Kyle, of Houndalee, Widdrington, Morpeth, Northumberland.   Commemorated Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France. Born and resided Widdrington, enlisted Amble. Previously served with the East Riding Yeomanry.

William R. Laing

10719 Serjeant William Robert Laing 11th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, Killed in Action 7th July 1916 aged 27. Son of Margaret Laing, of Widdrington, Morpeth, Northumberland, and the late George Laing. Buried Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boisselle, Somme, France. Enlisted Ashington.


North Panel (16)

Thomas Lowther

23/540 Private Thomas Lowther, 23rd (Tyneside Scottish) Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Died 1st July 1916, 1st day of the Battle of the Somme, aged 42. Husband of Magdalene Lowther, of 16, Long Row, Widdrington. Buried Serre Road Cemetery No.2. Born Egremont Cumbria, enlisted Amble. Private Lowther was initially listed as 'missing'.

John Mavin

11680 Private John Mavin, 14th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 22nd March 1918, aged 21. Son of Charles W. and Sarah Mavin, of 7, Liddell Terrace, Ferneybeds, Widdrington, Morpeth, Northumberland.  Commemorated Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France.  Enlisted Ashington.

Philip McAndrew

23/744 Private Philip McAndrew 20th (Tyneside Scottish) Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 12th July 1917. Husband of G. McAndrew, of 2, Gibson St., Amble, Northumberland. Buried Hargicourt British Cemetery, Aisne, France. Born Ballina Co Mayo, enlisted Amble

James McKenzie  
George R. Patten

19915 Private George Robert Patten 11th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, Killed in Action 7th July 1916, aged 22. Son of George Patten, of Houndalee, Widdrington, Morpeth.  Buried Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boisselle, Somme, France. Enlisted Ashington.

Robert Peebles  
William Peebles  
James R.R. Purdy

possibly.... 3427 Lance Corporal James Purdy, 1st/7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in Action 15th September 1916. Commemorated  Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France. Enlisted Amble.

John Purvis

possibly.... 2603 Private John Purvis, 1st/7th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, died 26th April 1915 aged 19. Son of Adam Forster Purvis and Eliza Ann Purvis, of 13, 2nd Row, Linton Colliery, Ashington, Northumberland. Commemorated Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium. Enlisted Alnwick.

Alfred Rogers  
Arthur Sample  
Thomas Scott 51314 Private Thomas Scott 1st/7th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment), Killed in Action 20th September 1917. Commemorated New Irish Farm Cemetery. Enlisted Amble, resided Acklington.
William Smith 24372 Company Serjeant Major William Smith 12th/13th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, Killed in Action 25th October 1918 aged 28. Husband of Elizabeth E. Smith, of 1, Long Row, Widdrington Colliery, Morpeth, Buried Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-Au-Bois, Nord France. Born and enlisted Amble.
Harold W. Sykes

possibly.... Major Harold Widdrington Sykes, attd. 14th Casualty Clearing Station Royal Army Medical Corps. Died 11th November 1918 aged 31. Son of the Rev. William Sykes and Emily Josephine Sykes, of Meldon Rectory, Morpeth. M.D.,  Buried Beira Christian Cemetery, Mozambique.

John Wilkinson  
William Grey 11451 Private William Grey, 1st/5th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, Killed in Action 25th March 1918 aged 26. Son of George and Annie Grey, of 25, Liddle Terrace, Widdington, Morpeth; husband of Isabella Grey, of 21, Weatherly Square, Berwick-on-Tweed. Commemorated Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France. Born Widdrington, enlisted Amble.


Commonwealth War Graves (2)

906940 Gunner Joseph Henry Dibben, 86 (The Hertfordshire Yeo.) Field Regt. Royal Artillery. Died 2nd September 1940 aged 20. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dibben, of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

93613 Corporal William King, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 22nd May 1944 aged 51. Son of James Furness King and Margaret King; husband of Mary Oliver King, of Widdrington Station.



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